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Steak 'n Hoagie Shop

About us

It is widely accepted that hoagies and cheesesteaks were born in South Philadelphia sometime during the 1930s. Philadelphia has become known as the center of the hoagie and cheesesteak universe. 

In an opportunity to capture the authentic tastes of these sandwiches, the Steak ‘n Hoagie Shop was founded in 1978 in Charlotte, NC. Quickly, two locations popped up and were doing good business. Those two locations are still around today. 

The Steak'n Hoagie Shop is now known for very good, authentic hoagies. The customers know, these are not subs, they are hoagies and the difference is clear. 

 The authentic Philly taste has been hard to find all around the country, but rest assured, you found it when you found this website. Come in or give us a call and see for yourself.